Well, I might as well begin today, as I am now an official undergrad student at Roberts. Even now I write to you decked out in Roberts apparel, including shorts and a t-shirt. I even have an ID card! Ask me to see it, I’ll probably have it with me all the time since it’s pretty cool 🙂 Yesterday and today were the “welcome weekend” known as Connections at Roberts. Essentially, it’s where all (or most) of the upcoming freshman flock to the Roberts campus to get to know their future classmates, get their schedules (mine’s pretty awesome), and experience the campus a little before the fall. We all stayed in the dorms with a roommate who had a major similar to ours, and we were assigned teams for the campus wide scavenger hunt. I stayed in 106A in Davison, and my team was Navy Blue (aka. Victory Blue). We ended up getting second which isn’t bad since no one wanted to run, as sweat was literally pouring off of us in quantities that could rival Niagara Falls. In any event, it was a fun way to learn the campus better and meet some new people. I still don’t have a roommate but that’s ok. We also received our first homework assignment: read the book Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom. I just got my copy from the library and I’m looking forward to it. We also had a chance to mingle among booths upon booths advocating for their clubs. I signed up for Young Life (naturally), The Beacon (the school newspaper), and Ballroom Dance Club (lead by none other than my Uncle!). Later, I was unofficially recruited to a renegade, underground newspaper that is going to expand upon the newspaper world in Roberts. I’m rather excited about that one, and I really hope it works out! One of the guys in charge is my Honors Mentor, and he’s pretty awesome so I have no worries about it. I’m a little sad that I have to wait for August to move in and all that, but that’s ok. Hopefully by the time I get to college, I will have a camera to add pictures to my blog, but no guarantees. Ah! My schedule. I am taking Foundations in Drawing and Renaissance Art History (both w/ Dr. Giebel), Honors Writing/Research and Honors First-Year Seminar (both w/ Dr. Mrs.), Honors: Phil Ethics (w/Dr. Basinger) and New Testament Literature and Theology (w/ Dr. Davis). I have 3 classes a day, and my day ends by 2:00 every day, which is really nice! I will also be job hunting for campus jobs this summer, so I can make money and pay for my way in school. I suppose that is all you need to know at this point, and updates about RWC may be few and far between until I actually get there in August, but I will update nonetheless about my summer shenanigans.
Aside from college, some people may wonder what my url name “Talitha koum” means. I pulled it from Mark 6: 41, where Jesus raises a 12-year-old girl from the dead. When he does, he says “Talitha koum” (some translations say “talitha cumi”) meaning “little girl, arise!”. I thought this was really cool, and it reminds me to arise everyday to his expectations, even when things get tough. So there’s the story on my name.
My final note for today, I now have a new email address: Email me! I enjoy it very much!



One thought on “RWConnections

  1. LyndaCornell says:

    Loved your first post…look forward to many updates over the years!

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