An unexpected surprise came in the form of a letter in my mailbox! I got my housing assignment a few days early!! For those of you that know the Roberts campus, I’m staying in Updyke in the Quads. For those of you that don’t know, that is quite possibly the BEST place to stay because, from it, I can see the library, Carp Hall (where all my Art classes are), and the dining hall. It’s pretty much in the center of campus. I also got the name of my roommate, which is Sarah. We’re friends on Facebook, so hopefully we can get to know each other before school. 🙂 I suppose that’s all! Oh, and the move-in countdown is 35 days!!!



2 thoughts on “HOUSING ASSIGNMENT!!!

  1. 35 days?! Man that is coming up quick. 🙂 That is super exciting that you found out who your roommate is.

  2. ZapaPhoenix says:

    I don't know roberts campus, but that sounds like a fun and exciting dorm to be! You can check out who is eating when and “accidentally” run into people you want to run into! 🙂

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