Holy Pepperoni!

Alright, I know this is not about Roberts at all, but I do have some stuff to blog about anyways. Well, this whole week I got to volunteer at our church’s VBS program. (minus wednesday and part of today because of work). The theme was Hero Headquarters (superheroes), and I worked with the 4-6th grade girls and boys. There were some awesome characters for the skits, including Maintenance Mac, Pizza Man (hence, the title of my blog), and Water Women. It was a blast!! I made an awesome little friend, named Calvin. He was my buddy all week! He loved to wear my name tag, and give me his, and he would frequently jump on my back or sit in my lap. He was also great at dancing to the songs in the morning. 🙂 Each day we had Action Games, Craft Time, Bible Time, and Snack Time. It was awesome to work with the kids everyday. I have also worked a bit this week at Target, but there is nothing fun to write about work, so I won’t. I did have an interview at Pearce 4 Kids, which is a daycare/preschool program. I really hope to work in the infant room, which would be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-6 which is perfect for my school schedule, and its not too much work where I would get stressed or overworked. I should hear back from them by the week of August 9th so I’m praying hard for that job. I would love it if I could work there. While I was there, I visited my room in Updyke, and that was exciting! I’ll be more excited when I actually get to move in at the end of August. The view from my window is a brick wall, BUT if I really stretch my neck, I can see the side of the library. I wish I had pictures to upload, but sadly, there are none. Maybe later. Free time for my has consisted of sleeping lots and hanging out with friends at night. The official Roberts countdown is at 29 I think, and that’s all I’ve got for now. More on life later 🙂



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