School, Shotguns, and Cookies

Hokey. So this is going is going to be a BIG post with……..PICTURES!!! (actually, it may be 2 posts if blogspot doesn’t let me post enough 🙂 ) I’m told I need to step up my game, since all the other blogs (my brothers’, sisters’, and cousins’ blogs) have pictures of cute kids. So this is me stepping up my game.

Picture Number 1:
My mom brought me some flowers since I had been missing a lot of get togethers with friends because of work, and it was getting me down. But this brightened my day. 🙂

Picture Number 2:
This is my college countdown. 🙂 This is a day late, so today it says 15 days. I started it at 45 days (I think?) and I quickly started slacking. It said 38 days for many days in a row, so my mom took it upon herself to change it everyday. I don’t change it anymore, because I enjoy her creativity. 🙂

Picture Number 3:
This is my nightstand for school! A few weeks ago, my friend Joe asked me to come help paint a nightstand for his apartment, and this was the result. We used spray paint and it was good fun. 🙂 Shortly after, he actually moved out and had no room for it anymore, so he gave it to me to take to school! I’m so excited to try it out!

Picture Number 4:
This is essentially, all my belongings. A few things have been added, and my clothes are not included, but this is what I’m taking to school when I move in. Included in this mass is a set of sheets and such for my bed (the black, red, white, and grey bag on the right), a laundry basket full of dishes, towels, desk supplies, and everything else I need.

Picture Number 5:

This is my sketchbook, that, as an art student, I will carry with me EVERYWHERE. I also have a small one that I have started drawing and practicing in, but I’m leaving this nice and new for the first day of school. If your wondering, Dogfunk is just an online store that Aaron shops on sometimes for his brand name shoes and shirts. I just like the name and the sticker came with his latest purchase. So I stuck it on. 🙂

Photos 6,7, and 8:

Hahahaha…this was a good day. 🙂 It’s been a long time dream of mine to shoot off a range of guns. Well, a year ago for my 17th birthday, my parents decided they would let me! In true Cornell fashion, they allowed this promise to linger for about a year (ask me about The Lion King sometime…) and this past Sunday, my dream came true! My dad took me to a gun range, where I got to shoot a 20 gauge semi-automatic shot gun for about an hour. I had 25 shells, and it was skeet shooting. Obviously, I was less than stellar. BUT, I hit 5 of the 25, and I’m told 3-4 is the average, first time score. So I’m proud.

Photos 9 and 10:After I finished shooting things, Dad took me to the planetarium! We went to see the shows “Falcons of Toronto” and “Dolphins”. It goes without saying, “Dolphins” was far more fascinating, but both were fun to watch. The pictures are from the ancient, everlasting exhibits that await you when you leave the planetarium. I’m pretty sure they’ve been there since time began. Possibly before. Anyways, it was great fun, but after, we were off to the next, and final adventure of the day, and this monster blog post.

Photos 11 and 12:
To finish off a day that began with firearms, PT and Cherie had all the teens come to there house for a cookout! We played spud, ate hot dogs, and played nightgames on the church property, like Ghost in the Graveyard, and Sardines. We played from 7 to 11 and it was awesome! There was lots of screaming, running, and laughing and it was great to have a night like this just before I leave for school.

Phew. Ok. No more pictures, but the day after the range, the planetarium, and the cookout, a few of us went over to the Grahm’s house, which Amanda is house-sitting, and we went swimming and played the Wii for a few hours. It was a lot of fun, and the dog, Daru, is super cute!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this monster blog post, and if you actually read all my captions, go get yourself a cookie. You deserve it. I’d give you one myself but this is best I can do.



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