I Have No Witty Title Today

Yeah, it has been awhile, I know. 34 days, to be exact. I’ve just been so busy, blogging just can’t become a priority. Fortunately, I have managed to finish my homework at a timely hour AND found the motivation to come type. The biggest news for those who I have not told already would be that I have changed my major. I am no longer studying Graphic Design (though it is something I still love). Now, I am enrolled as a Visual Art Education major. Ideally, I would like to be a middle school art teacher when I graduate. This is quite a change, I know, but it is something I know I will love. I start my education courses next semester, and I will also continue to take art classes as well. In other news, I still dance almost every day of the week. Steve and I have learned many new tricks since my last post, but there aren’t any videos yet. Maybe we will keep it a surprise until the routine in March. 🙂 My lyrical dance performance with the Dance Ministry here at school will be on Wednesday, the 17th. I’m excited because the routine is really fun and new, and Mom is coming to watch so it will be good to see her! I’m excited for Thanksgiving Break, and I am ready to go home for a little while. I definitely get homesick here at school, but I still love my friends a lot. A recent event that I took part in was the November 2nd elections. I volunteered (Well, I got paid…) as a poll worker for 16 hour on that..wonderful….day. It was a good learning experience, but I do not expect that I will work such an event again. It wasn’t really my thing. There have been many other exciting things going on here on the westside, but I suppose that I should get a decent night’s sleep as those are hard to come by in the life of a college student. Here are a couple pictures from the past month and four days:

The quote wall in our dorm. It can get…interesting…I have a few things up there myself, actually…haha 🙂

Mary and Katie at the apple orchard/pumpkin picking!!! It was a floor activity this in October!

We had a barn party in Professor Stevenson’s barn one night, and it was a blast! It was one big flannel-fest.

We also drove to Houghton for the girls and boys soccer game! You may be able to tell, it was freezing!! And no, my hair does not have a red streak in it anymore, it was only temporary. You’re welcome, Mom. 🙂
Much love,

One thought on “I Have No Witty Title Today

  1. ZapaPhoenix says:

    hey bek
    thanks for the update in an otherwise very busy life! it's fun to see what you're up to. also, wahoo for teaching! I hope your education classes are better than mine were… but teaching is an awesome profession. Welcome!
    love you–

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