Warm Whispers

I’ll admit, I am no blogger. I can’t keep a journal for more than 3 days, and don’t even talk to me about Twitter. Right now there are bags and boxes at my door ready to go home. Easter break starts tomorrow and I’m bringing a lot home to make the final packing day easier. I can’t believe the year is basically over, and I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I am ready for summer and free time (well, whenever I’m not working) but on the other hand, I’ll be away from all my friends since we all live in different towns/cities/states. May 6th will be a bittersweet day, I can promise you that. Lots of other things are coming to an end as well as school. For one, my make-up-free months are over, and although I’m wearing a little of it now, I have not gone back to as much as I used to, and I still skip it every so often. In addition, I will be coming back to Facebook and eating meat soon too. Facebook has been pretty easy to give up, but surprisingly, meat is harder and harder to resist. I would have guessed it to be the other way around, but hey, even I surprise myself sometimes. 😉 I have a few videos and pictures that I want to post now from the past few months.

The first few videos are from a performance I was lucky enough to be in. It was a worship night titled A Night to Love Justice. It was a worship time to raise awarness of the issues with human trafficking and an offering was taken to support the organization Love 146. I got to be in a few dances and these are some of the dances from the night. It went beautifully and it was a very emotional night for the performers and hopefully the audience as well.

http://youtu.be/dUT-gginY2U <–This was a dance called Damaged. The girl in the black, white and pink was the organizer and host of the entire event, and she did a lovely job! The girls in the tutus (I'm the one all the way on the left) are representing the girls who are trafficked every day.

http://youtu.be/mn87jUiSpqo <–This dance was titled Window. It's the one we practiced the whole semester. It was a very emotional dance and most of us cried at the end of the performance, but we had a great time working together on it.

The next two pictures are from Spring Formal! This year it was at the Plantation Party House in Spencerport. It was a beautiful venue and everyone had so much fun! It was a later dance so it was dessert and drinks and lots and lots of dancing 🙂 I think that was probably the most fun I’d ever had at a school dance! The first picture is the first roommate picture for next year. These are the lovely ladies I will be living with next year: Beth, Alana, Kristen and Katie. We’re living in the Beeson apartments on North Campus and its going to be so much fun! We decided to get a jumpstart on the pictures this year because we were all dressed up. The second picture is more for Mom (:. She wanted a picture of me in my dress. Unfortunately, the picture is post-formal so I’m tired, barefoot, and ready for bed. Oh well, we were just too excited to take pictures before, and all the pictures from the dance are blurry. Sorry Mom!

I suppose that is all for now, I will be sure to write again later….sometime….hopefully. (:




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