Home again…

Home at last. There has been a lot of sleep. Like a lot. I admit (though a tad bit ashamed) that I have been sleeping about 12 hours at a time with little to no trouble. Part of it is that I still stay up so late, being on my same night schedule as school. However, I’m not at school, so I can just sleep and sleep and sleep. The unpacking took place in stages. Yesterday, I finally unpacked and put the last of it away, minus the winter clothes that still have to find their way to the basement. Since the bathroom in our house is still under construction, my room still has some clutter, but that’s no big deal really. I have not started my new job at home yet, but I think I start training in about a week and a half. I have started and finished the seventh Harry Potter book for the second time, and subsequently started a new book. It’s a sequel in a series called The Earth’s Children, recommended by my sister. They are pretty cool and would recommend it to someone looking for something a bit different to read. Next week, I will be flying out to Denver with my mom to visit my brother and sister and their two little boys! I’m pretty excited about that, it seems like a great way to start the summer :). Unfortunately, I cannot bring any more exciting news to this post, so I will leave you with some pictures, and call it a night. For blogging that is.

This would be my final project for my 3D class. We had to make a sculpture out of found objects. The bust is made out of plaster gauze, with book pages from Anna Karenina pasted on. Everything else is literally garbage and pine needles/cones glued around it.

This is my room before i completely finished packing. Once I was totally packed, the pile of stuff just multiplied by at least 2 1/2. (:

Meet Erlenmeyer Franklin. The latest addition to my life, he was adopted from a friend of mine who is going off to Grad school in the fall, and I offered to take him for her. He sleeps in my room, tries to bite me when I feed him, and he freaks out when anyone walks in the room. All in all, I love him. (: He’s nice company, and doesn’t have a whole lot to say so he’s pretty good at listening.




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