CMC 310

I definitely have tons of work to do. I don’t care. I want to write about this class called Oral Interp. That’s Oral Interpretation for those of you who are looking at me through your screen like I have two heads. I don’t.

This class is awesome. At the beginning of the year, I was convinced that I would absolutely loathe the hour and 15 minutes that would be dedicated to this class and for awhile, I did. The class consists of chapter readings for homework, along with selecting pieces to read in front of the class, and then having the class critique you soon after. It is like an easier version of speech class, but so much worse in my mind. I despise reading out loud. The course description read like a bad horror story with no silver lining or happy ending. The thought of reading in front of people is petrifying but manageable. The critiques are another story. I just want to hide under the podium and disappear. Too fast, too quiet, too timid. Will I ever get it right?

Maybe, maybe not.

It’s getting better though. The words come easier, the shaking is less (the swaying is a whole other story), and the critiques seem more helpful than brutal in hindsight. Perhaps the art critiques from last year have conditioned me to shy away from the idea, but this year, they aren’t so terrible. The insight from friends is more helpful than hurtful, and the class is slowly becoming more enjoyable. Sitting in class today, I noticed how much fun I was having! I can’t wait for the next reading (it’s poetry, which is awesome!), and we are currently reading the personal narratives we all just wrote so the class seems more into the assignment then normal. It’s great to hear personal stories. It creates some sort of exclusive bond in the class. Even though we share these stories with other people, it seems different in class. More emotional, more vulnerable. You can really get a good look into someone’s personality when they share such personal feelings.

I haven’t totally warmed to the class, but the attitude change is significant enough to excite me. Who knows, maybe 8:00 am won’t seem like such an ungodly hour filled with nervousness and tension in a few weeks! We shall see soon enough.

Alright, I have a meeting for FYS in t-minus 60 seconds. Goodbye.




One thought on “CMC 310

  1. LyndaCornell says:

    You are your father's daughter. What did you get from me?

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