Silently Still

Sitting still. Not one of my strengths. Sitting still silently is an impossible task. Today, lunch presented this impossible task. In chapel I discovered that my iPod had been on all morning and died. Normally, no big deal. However, lunch was later for me due to play practice so Garlock was virtually empty by the time I arrived at the still hour of 2:00. I made my tuna wrap and retrieved my usual glass of cranberry juice (that stuff is addicting man!) and picked out an arbitrarily perfect seat to have lunch. I sat there and ate with no one across from me so reached for my iPod and play a game. Oh wait, it’s dead. Never mind, I’ll read a book, I thought. Can’t, left that in the apartment. Hmm…tapping my fingers mentally I pondered the possibilities. Well…I could just sit here. I don’t have to be doing something or talking to people all the time. Right? After a few minutes of this mental back-and-forth I gave up. I hung the posters for the Beacon’s Literary Edition called The Pickwick Papers (hey! you should write for it!), I cleaned up my plate and hurried to the apartment to charge my iPod and turn on YouTube. Defeat.

Somewhere between my trix rice-krispie and my juice (wow, I promise I’m 19) it occurred to me that I don’t spend enough time silently still. Sure, silence and stillness are what keep me sane, but I seldom experience them in tandem. Perhaps this is an indication of the media-saturated culture we live in but if we ask ourselves how often we spend time just sitting and thinking, how much would we be able to account to? Maybe it would do us good to just sit and be every once in awhile. It gives you the chance to think of nothing or think of everything. Admittedly, if the first paragraph wasn’t clear, I have a long way to go in the way of sitting silently, but it is a new goal for the semester.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a newspaper to layout.

*Update* I was talking with Dad today and he told me about this video of a speaker he saw when he was visiting family in Denver. I had never heard of him, but he basically articulates everything I couldn’t in this post. Even if you aren’t a parent, I really recommend it!



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