The Story of Us

I miss them. Man, I miss them so much. I had this friend and they were amazing. They said the right things all the time, even when I didn’t want to hear it. They pushed me to do things I needed to do when it was hard. We would hang out all the time and tell each other everything and do the crazy thing that friends do. We fought and got over it the next day, forgetting why we were ever mad. I communicated with them better than I have with any one else.

Then life happened. We drifted slowly and nearly painlessly to the point where I didn’t notice it until I happened upon them recently. What’s worse is that our conversation was so awkward. Filled with silly pleasentries, I had nothing and everything to say to them. I wanted to drag them to a chair and hear everything about their life and tell them everything about mine. But I didn’t. I hugged them awkwardly and moved on when they did.

I miss them so much.


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