I like these moments…

There is a candle that sits by my bed at school. It was a gift from Mom and Dad from Arizona. To me, it is the nicest smell in the world, and I can’t even describe it. The thing is, I can’t always smell it. Occasionally I will notice it as I’m drifting off to sleep or when I’m just waking up. It’s only there for a short moment…

and then…

its gone.
It’s so lovely though, that moment. It’s a moment of peace and memory, a moment of absolute perfect. I like these moments.
Sometimes I have these days. Perfect days where everything falls into place, even if unexpectedly so. From waking up to dozing off, I’m just…happy. I like these days.
Today was one of these days.
(Took this from my journal tonight…It just made me happy to write so I thought I would share)

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