Pure and Unashamed Love

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and boy ain’t it true.

For 18 years, I was blessed to call Edgewood Free Methodist Church my second home. I had such an incredible family there, people who cared and prayed and loved more than I know, even still. It was a place for me to grow and discover, and though people moved in and out of the church, I never felt uncomfortable or out of place. Ever.

During college, I started to attend another church, and though it was wonderful, I missed Edgewood so much.

Then a lovely thing happened to me this summer.

I got my license.

Now that I can drive myself, I have been going back to Edgewood on Sundays, and it has really brought to light all the things I took for granted and never knew I had missed so much. Sure, the people and pastors have changed, but it has been so easy to slip back into the routine of coming, sitting with friends, and talking for hours after in the Fellowship Hall. It has been like going home almost, being back. I never have to feel uncomfortable about where I will sit or with whom.

Something that has struck me the most wonderful is our church’s tradition of having a time for those who need or want to, to come to the alter and kneel before God and just pray. This, this time of prayer and worship has always been my favorite part. I love just seeing people kneel up front, while others gather around them. To me, this is the most beautiful display of pure love and unashamed glory to God: being able to pray as a community and share in each other’s struggles, achievements, and walk with God. There is no greater feeling than kneeling before our Savior, and feeling a hand on your shoulder to comfort you. Countless times I have spent kneeling there, in tears or joy, and countless times I have had a shoulder to lean on in that place. More than anywhere else, I feel God’s presence in that time of worship and I am so glad to have it back.

I cannot help but leave every Sunday feeling renewed and so full of joy, that I cannot wait until next Sunday where I can feel this peace again.



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