Senioritis Was Kicking My Butt, So I’m Kicking Back

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This semester, Senioritis hit me like a ton of bricks. I lost all motivation and any will to do my school work. I was doing what it took to get by, and that was obvious. My quality of work was slipping, and I couldn’t find it in me to care. I blamed this on a number of things:

It was my last semester, who cares if I finished strong?

Most of my classes are electives this semester. Why try when I don’t need them to graduate?

I’m a senior. There’s nothing left for me to learn, right?

HA. If I had a quarter for every time I thought I had all the answers, my tuition AND loans would have been paid off yesterday.

I was talking with a friend recently, and they asked how my last semester was going. I gave my typical eye-roll + sigh + [generic statement on how done I am]response, but what they said back was so surprising and full of truth. In short, they told me to take advantage of the opportunities I’m being presented with in college. They told me to make sure I respect my professors because they have so much to offer me and my time with them is almost up. They advised that I consciously do my best on my work because I will get so much more out of it by not doing just the bare minimum. But most unexpected of all, they told me to do all of this for the sake of glorifying God.

Dorm Updates

Look how studious I used to be. Oh the things I would say to Freshman-Me

That struck me hard. I have to admit that that was never really a thought or priority when it came to school work. I mean, how does turning work in on time equate with glorifying God? Here’s how I came to think about it. I have been blessed with such an amazing opportunity at Roberts, and if I’m not taking full advantage of it, it’s like throwing that gift away. College is giving me the chance to refine and grow the talents that I’ve been given by God. How could I turn that opportunity up? It’s weird to think about using school as a type of worship, but I can really get on board with this and see it as a great way to turn around my bad attitude about these next months.

I don’t know if my friend was intentionally giving me a motivational speech, but what they said has really occupied my thoughts these past few days and I am filled with renewed determination to finish this semester strong. Even if this isn’t your last semester of college, I want to persuade you to give these last few months of the semester your best kick.


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2 thoughts on “Senioritis Was Kicking My Butt, So I’m Kicking Back

  1. Good read! Excited about The Perch and you’re involvement with it.

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